How To Login To Caches With Metamask

If you’ve never logged into a website using an Ethereum wallet before it can seem a little weird not having to create an account, verify your email address, and give up a lot of personal information. Don’t worry, once you finish this how to, you’ll wonder why you ever used an email and a password to begin with.

1. Download and Install the Metamask extension #

metamask website

Metamask is a wallet you can use to store cryptocurrencies, NFT’s and other digital assets. It can also be used to interact with Web3 applications, known as decentralized apps or dApps built on the Ethereum network. The official website is the only place you should download the extension from. Beware of fake Metamask extensions. The correct extension for your web browser should automatically be selected on the Metamask home page when you arrive, like above. Just click the Download button to install it. A new tab will open with your browsers extension store, like the Google Chrome store shown below.

metamask google extension

Click Add to Chrome, or Add to Firefox or whatever your preferred browser is. Metamask supports just about every major web browser available on MacOS, Windows or Linux.

metamask add extension

Click the Add extension button to add the Metamask extension to your web browser.

2. Setup Your First Metamask Wallet #

welcome to metamask

Click Get Started to begin setting up Metamask and your first wallet.

screen shot 2022 07 06 at 63658 pm

If you already have a secret recovery phrase then what are you doing here? You already know how this works! Just kidding. Click the Create a Wallet button to create a new wallet.

metamask setup

First, Metamask will ask you to set a password. Make sure this password is a good one. Remember the length of the password is more important than the randomness!

A password like:


is better than


Click the Create button when you’re satisfied. Don’t forget it! After you click create you’ll be given the opportunity to watch the video on the Secret Recovery Phrase. I highly recommend you watch it, but if you’re in a hurry just click the Next button.

screen shot 2022 07 06 at 63833 pm

Here we have the Secret Recovery Phrase screen. Your Secret Recovery Phrase is like your “forgot my password” link. Since we’re not using email here, we can’t send you your password. Here at Caches, we don’t even know your password! So the Secret Recovery Phrase will unlock your account if you forget it. So don’t lose these! THESE WORDS ARE FOR YOUR EYES ONLY! TOP SECRET CLASSIFIED WORDS! DON’T EVER GIVE THEM TO ANYONE! EVER! Click the box to reveal the secret words.

screen shot 2022 07 06 at 63846 pm

Now, on a piece of paper, write those words down in the exact order you see them. You can also copy and paste them into a secure password manager if you prefer. Either way, store them, you won’t be given the opportunity ever again!

screen shot 2022 07 06 at 63921 pm

Didn’t know there was going to be a pop quiz for your Secret Recovery Phrase did you? You did write them down like I told you to, didn’t you? If you didn’t, you can click Back at the top. If you did, click each word in the order you wrote them down in. When finished, click the Confirm button.

screen shot 2022 07 06 at 64006 pm

If you passed the pop quiz with a 100% or better, you’ll see this screen. Congratulations! You set up your first cryptocurrency wallet! Click the All Done button when you’re finished reading to be taken to your wallet.

screen shot 2022 07 06 at 64022 pm

There it is, your wallet. Of course it’s empty, no one fills your wallet for free. That’s ok though, here at Caches we don’t care if you have any money or not. We’re just going to use it to get you logged in and learning more about the Ethereum ecosystem.

3. Pin The Extension In Your Browser #

Most of your interaction with Metamask is going to be done with the Metamask extension. We want to make sure its visible all the time so we can use it. Click the puzzle icon, then click the pin icon to pin it to your browser window.

screen shot 2022 07 06 at 64131 pm

If you did it right, you should see the Metamask icon attached to your browsers toolbar now. That’s it! Now you’re ready to sign into Caches using your Ethereum wallet!

4. Sign In To Caches #

Head over to the homepage and click the “Login With Ethereum” button in the middle of the page.

login to caches home

A popup will appear asking whether you want to use Metamask or WalletConnect. Obviously choose Metamask here.

screen shot 2022 07 06 at 73948 pm

Next the Metamask extension window will appear, asking you if you wish to connect with

screen shot 2022 07 06 at 74012 pm

Click Next. Then verify which account you wish to connect. In this case we only have one account. You could have a different account for each website if they offered this really cool Web3 Crypto Wallet login thing like we do, but they don’t.

screen shot 2022 07 06 at 74021 pm

Click the Connect button to connect to Caches.

screen shot 2022 07 06 at 74034 pm

Next, Metamask will ask you to sign a request to access Caches. Don’t worry, this signature isn’t legally binding or anything. We’re not signing you up for any loans. This just says, yep, I am who I say I am and this is my wallet. You will have to sign each time you log into Caches. Click Sign to continue.

5. You’re Done! Welcome To Caches! #

If everything worked correctly, you should be logged in to Caches with your brand new account! Click the “Complete Profile” button to change your name from that long string of numbers and letters to something more friendly.

screen shot 2022 07 06 at 74107 pm