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  • Caches feature list, vision and general what I'm thinking with this

    Posted by JBM on June 30, 2022 at 3:04 pm

    My apologies up front for the length of this post. My new website is just days away from Beta 1 going live, so today is the unveiling. Introducing … drum roll..

    caches.xyz (you’re here)

    What is caches?

    Caches is my greatest work. No but seriously, it is the first ever web 3 authenticated social network community sharing and project management website. A niche I invented btw. This first ever, one of a kind W3ASNCSPMW (for short) was carefully and meticulously crafted with the deepest love for EVM’s and cubs. This community can only be accessed by pseudo anonymous web3 wallet login. All information in the community is not indexable by search engines, and all accounts can only be created with a web3 wallet, NO EMAIL! For now anyway.

    What’s it got so far?

    Public/Private groups, user to user private messaging, public/private forums, KB Docs,^(wiki) job board, p2p classifieds system. Each of those has some amazing features as well! Like waaay too f’ing many to list, but since you know I love to write long winded ass posts I’m going to cover *just* the highlights for you below

    Anyone can join and be a member of this cutting edge, purpose built community?

    Yes. Of course. Next question.

    For EVM’s, you get some extras for being in the pride like:

    • Ability to create your own groups (public,private,hidden)
    • Ability to create posts on the EVM blog
    • Ability to create knowledgebase articles
    • Ability to post classified ads
    • Ability to post to the job board
    • A cool EVM badge on your profile

    For non-EVM’s you can still comment, post and share on all the public groups and forums. You can even request to join private groups. You can make connections, follow members, etc…

    Group Features

    • Group organizers can assign moderators for certain tasks
    • Group timeline ala Facebook – searchable
    • Group videos/photos/album sharing storage
    • Group file/document storage
    • Group Project Management Tool
    • Create unlimited projects
    • Create unlimited tasks
    • Create automated recurring tasks
    • Set milestones, due dates, etc
    • Create Kanban Boards
    • Create Gannt Charts
    • Attach files to project
    • Branded Invoice creation
    • Invoice payment through YOUR Paypal/Stripe API key w/ automatic project update to “paid”

    Forum Features

    • Forum organizers can assign moderators
    • Attach Photos/Videos to post, shown inline
    • Nested replies
    • Emoji support 👊🏻
    • Sticky posts
    • Subscribe to posts
    • Favorite posts

    Profile Options

    Your username is your public wallet address. Edit your profile to provide as much or as little information as you’d like. ALL of these are optional and are blank by default, and all of them can be set to public, private or “only me.”

    • Set “Nickname” or “Handle” that will be shown publicly in place of your wallet address.
    • Set profile photo
    • Set profile cover photo
    • Set social media links
    • About me section
    • Set phone number
    • Skills section
    • Set email address
    • Ability to set permissions on all items to “Public, Connections(friends), or Only Me”
    • Personal file/docs/photos/videos/albums storage. Make items available public, or private. Share with other members on the forums, groups, private messages or anywhere on the site!
    • Personal timeline ala facebook
    • Ability to tag other members in timeline/groups & forum posts with @NICKNAME
    • Ability to private message other members
    • Private messages groups (multiple members)
    • Photo/file/video sharing in private messages (embeds inline)
    • Ability to follow other members
    • Ability to connect to^(friend) other members
    • Ability to block other members
    • Control over who can connect with you, who can PM you, etc…

    Timeline Features

    Basically everything facebook has. There is only one reaction, a “like” for now. You can set profile & posts to public/connections/only me. As much as I don’t like FB I have to admit their UI team is extremely effective at creating a format that is easy to follow and drives engagement. It’s familiar to most as well, that’s why it’s that way.

    Other notable features

    • Ranking system based on contribution, currently I have strata’s (ranks) 1-10 for non-EVM’s and strata’s 1-3 for EVM’s.
    • Points based system. Of no value currently other than personal pride. In the future these may be redeemable for coupons or items, or maybe used to buy additional site privileges, like the ability to create groups for non EVMs.
    • Trophy/Award system for achievements (none currently configured)
    • Awards automatically unlocked on completing activity requirements
    • Desktop style notification system (on by default) w/ user option for browser notifications
    • No email notifications by default. You can add an email address to your profile and enable them if you wish.
    • Job board. This may work better as a “project” board for people looking to join their projects. This will probably change a little with your feedback! I believe if desired I can also import an indeed.com feed for just crypto/web3 jobs in here and update it daily with cron as well
    • Classifieds system. Currently this is P2P only, but if it becomes popular we could charge a small one time fee to list something. Similar to some craigslist categories. Currently its a free for all.


    Since you can log in with your crypto wallet, your identity is as anonymous as you want it to be. You’re in control to provide as little or as much info as you want. With all that said, I as the site admin, do have access to everything. I can tell you however that I will respect your privacy. The admin account will only be used for admin stuff. There is no easy “point and click” interface on the backend to access your private messages or anything. I’d have to go digging through SQL tables and then de-hash them to view them. That’s too much work for me, honestly. With all that said, it is possible in the course of my Admin work that I do come across these things. If I do, I promise my lips are sealed and I won’t share or utilize any of that information in any way. I know that’s not a guarantee, but if you know me, you know I highly value freedom and privacy. I view those as “human rights” that should not be violated. You also know, I have no room to judge you, and you also know my memory is shot, so I will forget about it 5 minutes later anyway. I will however be required to assist any law enforcement agencies requesting information, so you know … keep it legal.

    Ok, sir, this sounds like something I’d be kind interested in but what’s it gonna cost me?

    Nothing. It’s free. Like, really. All it is missing is YOU!

    Free!? What’s the catch?

    No catch. Honestly, I just want to contribute to this community that has helped me so much. I want to re-invest some of the money the people here have helped me make, back into the community. I don’t know what else I can do to help, but I am pretty good at building websites and fostering community so that’s what I’m going to do. This also allows me to collaborate with developers in the web2.0 field and promote web3 ideals and integration as well. The developer of the web3 auth plugin has already included several of my ideas into her product and continues to be open to new ideas.

    I also believe we have grown as a community and we need a website outside the walls of Reddit & Discord. We need OUR space that we are able to control so we can ensure our ethos doesn’t get subverted or censored. One where an angry reddit admin can’t mess with us, or worse use our personal information to steal from us. Far fetched, I know, but think about it, no one knows who the reddit admins are or who at Reddit has the admin power. Same goes for Discord.

    I will be working with the web3 dev going forward to try to integrate layered NFT permissions so that I am not the only Admin, but also in a way that respects everyones privacy. What’s cool is if we test this plugin for her, she’ll give us a free lifetime license. Win/win/win. She’s brilliant, effective and a go-getter. So maybe I can convince her to buy an EVM, or maybe through recordable and awardable contributions through this site, OUR site, she can earn one. 😉

    I hope this can become the old-fashioned Web 2.0 presence for EVM’s outside of the masters gates, with fancy web 3.0 door to really bring the room together. I also hope this can become a platform for EVM’s to earn some money, help people learn about Web 3.0, and share their ideals. See “monetization plans” post reply below (coming soon). I believe Ethereum and Web 3.0 will impact more than just the financial sector in the future. Systems like voting, identity, value assessment, governmental/organizational structure, and … well you know me … lets just say many more. I believe that means we need people from all areas of study, everyone! From economists to psychologists to developers to game theorists to rocket scientists to tradesmen, sanitation engineers, housewives/husbands and McD’s fry cooks.

    If you are going to make a system that is as fair, equitable, accountable and honest as possible you need everyones input on a variety of subjects. This is the gwei. That means our own place, where we can group and categorize and store things. Files, links, documents, etc… in an easily searchable way. Sure we could setup a “next cloud” but as a wanna-be data scientist I can say that finding just the right thing you need, when you need it, is all in the meta. Tags, the context language around what you’re really looking for, that’s how you quickly and easily find what you want when all you can remember is one little tidbit about a PDF you read a few years ago. That’s where the social aspect comes in, because in the natural course of just talking, sharing ideas, collaborating, helping each other out … the meta is made. Organic. No hormones, no antibiotics.

    I am just a one man army. I put this whole thing together in about 2 weeks start to finish including taking 1/2 a day off to hike during the build out. The first week or so was just banging the flow around in my head before trying to put all the legos together. I honestly believe with the help of the EVM/ETHFinance community we can make this place fantastic. I don’t even need to be an admin, the ETHFi mods do a fantastic job and I would love to see them continue that over here, and be rewarded for it, and build a website and platform that generates a decent living no just for themselves, but others too… all while pushing the DAO’s mission of web3 education forward.

    With all that said, if this grows, I will eventually need funding. I hope the DAO can assist so I don’t have to rely on advertising. I also have a few other ideas I’m tossing around if it comes to that point. Until then, I don’t mind paying the bills, and it would be an honor to have made something that my peeps find valuable and useful. Hopefully it helps you make some money or push your projects forward too. I hope you understand this isn’t some trick or anything, this is genuine from the real human behind the very dramatic JBM character on Reddit.

    I honestly don’t want to be in charge here, no more than anyone else probably wants me to either. I just have been yelling about doing this for a while, no one was doing it the way I envisioned it, so I did it myself. So I am willing to share my control, or even turn over control for this thing if it helps push the DAO’s mission statement forward and we all can earn some money for the DAO and ourselves.

    JBM replied 2 months, 3 weeks ago 1 Member · 1 Reply
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  • JBM

    June 30, 2022 at 7:34 pm
    elpanda ELP evm-badge EVM
    strata level 4 rank icon L4: Noob

    Ok so here’s my plan laid out for how I believe we can monetize this site and still sleep good at night knowing we’re selling something valuable and helpful. This platform allows for me to integrate these things quickly and fluidly. These are all spitball ideas but they can easily be integrated.

    First idea: the best idea I think

    This platform allows me to integrate a learning module. This module is extremely robust and allows site users to create courses, whether its text or video along with lesson plans, course pre-requisites, etc.. I have a few features listed below, but here’s what’s really cool. It integrates with the social side of things, the forums, the groups, the points and awards system … all of it. So we can reward users with trophies, badges, and achievements when they unlock levels. Now it’s not there yet, but if these awards could be NFT’s or POAP’s or whatever! If they could be shown on their web3 account as badges of “knowledge and trust” or whatever … we just gamified and social networked web3 learning. Check out the attached photo to this reply.

    Now this community has a ton of knowledge and a ton of academics/educators. Creating coursework should be easy! Especially when its about web3/crypto/cute cats/whatever! This plugin allows you to sell your content to an audience that is interested in web3. Maybe the website takes a cut for the bills and the DAO. We’ll work that out later. What I’m saying is, here is 1 opportunity for EVM’s to make some money educating the public. It also builds the EVM’s as a trusted brand in the crypto space … a shining light in the darkness … which is desperately needed! It also increases the value of your EVM because you get exclusive access to sell on this platform. The platform allows for one time purchases, recurring memberships, course by course … so much more! It’s the same plugin used on Foundr if that means anything.

    Imagine that you could do course work made by Loris to really test your knowledge and learn something. What if Logris could post his videos on mining asteroids? I’d pay to learn about that! Where the hell else can I find something like that!? Here, that’s where. What if Kbrot could sell a membership for just $5/mo to 300 people with his “advanced” market analysis? $1500/mo extra doesn’t sound too bad. With 80,000 people in the sub there is a big opportunity. They WANT to learn but the Reddit, Discord, Discourse mixer doesn’t facilitate easy learning for most people.

    Here’s the funnel:

    Free forums and groups. EVM’s/members can interact with people, help them out, etc… those people can then “follow” EVM’s/members they like. When you get followed your “timeline” posts show up in their feed. Whether that’s blog posts, or new courses you just listed, whatever! Those EVM’s can then sell learning materials or whatever to their audiences. Artists, what if you could sell your NFT art directly to people that wanted to buy it to make their own NFT? What if you could sell a course on how to make your own NFT start to finish for their community? What if you could sell a service that helps people do X-Y-Z in the web3 sphere? The site just facilitates it all. It’s all integrated, gamified, social, web 3 centered for that sweet sweet targeted traffic/buyer.

    Think about the opportunities for a minute here please. I think it’s huge.

    Second idea: NFT/crypto marketplace

    This sort of thing is being handled by Opensea and Looksrare already so this is why it’s not my first idea. With a simple shopping cart integration we could sell NFT’s and allow users to sell NFT’s online. Maybe just a p2p market with a flat rate “listing fee” to list an item. There are several possibilities here without getting in the middle of the transaction. We may even be able to sell our own NFT’s that unlock additional privileges or access to the above mentioned learning courses upon purchase. There are a ton of opportunities here too! Just ponder it for a second!

    Will add more later. Let me hear yours!