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  • Latest Caches website updates & changelog

    Posted by CachesAdmin on December 22, 2022 at 3:28 pm


    • Fix: Edit reply option not working problem
    • Fix: Upload photos modal in album, ‘select photos’ load more not working
    • Fix: Exact time not showing issue next to the avatar in a single message thread
    • Fix: Compose message search recipient UX problem
    • Fix: Blockquote formatting UX on message send action
    • Fix: Forum replies in search results not linking to the main content
    • Fix: Emoji picker modal layout in the responsive view
    • Fix: Exact time not showing issue next to the avatar in single private message thread
    • Fix: Blog post comment ‘cancel reply’ button UI problem
    • Fix: Album upload photos modal ‘select photos’ load more styling problem
    • Fix: Storage engine issue with DB tables
    • Improvement: Performance improvement by removing multiple redundant queries
    • Improvement: Search performance scaling improvements for side wide search


    More fixes and improvements. Setting the groundwork for forum improvements as well.

    • Fix: Forum reply link not scrolling to the specific reply problem
    • Fix: Text highlight styling when reply posted for a discussion
    • Fix: Message dropdown unread indicator UI problem
    • Fix: Group header notices styling problem
    • Fix: Forum discussions tags not included in sitewide search
    • Fix: Layout issue when the site URL was posted in a private message
    • Fix: Video thumbnail not showing
    • Fix: Forum discussion and reply attached documents getting deleted issue after edit
    • Fix: Invalid links for Forum discussion and replies post author in the profile
    • Fix: Activity feed edit not working in the profile > groups tab
    • Fix: Zoom meeting/webinar timer problem
    • Fix: Join/leave group marks the group message thread unread for all group members
    • Improvement: Don’t show unsupported files when uploading profile and cover photo
    • Improvement: Improvements to show pagination for sub-forums on a single forum screen
    • Improvement: Improvements to giphy picker UI and layout
    • Improvement: Improvements to show the loading icon on threads in messaging sidebar
    • Improvement: Formatting for the last message in the messages sidebar and header dropdown
    • Improvement: External links in private messages will now open in a new tab
    • Improvement: Logged-in member’s online/offline status
    • Improvement: Styling for group notices
    • Improvement: Added more nonce checks to prevent CSRF attacks


    Minor updates and fixes

    • Fix: 404 error on some pages
    • Improvement: Increased font size and spacing on The Rostrum for better readability across devices.


    More updates and fixes

    • Fix: Draft activity UI problem in the responsive view
    • Fix: Invalid notice shows in frontend when group updated from the backend
    • Fix: Forum listing with image and big description UI problem in the backend
    • Fix: Fixed discussion spam option removes document problem
    • Fix: Add video form small draft content problem
    • Fix: ‘Return to send’ message problem
    • Fix: Newline option not working after photo selected in the editor problem
    • Fix: ‘Send message’ action from members directory UX problem
    • Fix: Editor duplicate text problem for android devices problem
    • Fix: UI issue in edit profile radio fields problem
    • Fix: Sub-menu overflow problem
    • Fix: Long link content overflow UI problem on a single blog post
    • Fix: ‘Sort by date’ small UI alignment inbox problem
    • Fix: ‘Send message’ action from members directory responsive UX problem
    • Improvement: Performance improvements on when creating a thread for multiple recipients


    More updates, a lot this time. Mostly minor fixes and improvements to go with our e2e encrypted private messaging.

    • Fix: Forum reply auto-generated activity minor formatting problem
    • Fix: @mention name not updating when edited from the dashboard
    • Fix: Handled display name format in member profile screen problem
    • Fix: Group creation not working problem for non-English language
    • Fix: Single group minor tooltip UI problem
    • Fix: Small improvement to show descriptions on a single forum screen
    • Fix: Uploaded document text file with the incorrect content type problem
    • Fix: Group thread join/left invalid notice when members are blocked
    • Fix: Blocked member notifications don’t show for all members on the network
    • Fix: Single discussion sticky option icon problem
    • Fix: Create album form validation UI problem
    • Improvement: Pusher auth API ‘Private REST APIs’ option is enabled for increased security
    • Improvement: Zoom – Minor group zoom meeting screen UI improvement
    • Improvement: Paragraph, margin and comments font size to keep UI consistent
    • Improvement: Style description on the single forum screen improved


    Well … after much time and much more hoopla our end to end encrypted private messaging feature is now complete and live on Caches! Thanks to the team over at Pusher, we now have private, encrypted communication channels between members! That means no private messages are stored on our server any longer. Older messages sent before this went into effect are still stored with us however. Go ahead and delete all your private message conversations then start a new conversation to take advantage of the encryption. When you delete your messages they are deleted from our database and then from our backups after 3 days.

    Encryption is a great feature, but here’s the full feature list:

    • End-to-end encrypted private messaging via pusher channel integration
    • Live messaging p2p messaging
    • Live typing indicator
    • Members online/offline status display
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