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    Posted by JBMaclemore.eth on July 29, 2022 at 5:39 pm


    The following resources have been the most popular resources on the site for a long time. These are all highly recommend to start learning about Solidity

    1. Official Solidity website

    Of course you’ll want to check out the official website for the Solidity language.


    2. Solidity by Example

    Great website full of tuts, practical examples, code snippets, videos and more. Regularly updated.


    3. CryptoZombies

    A classic in the web3 world is CryptoZombies. This tutorial guides you to building your very own web3 zombie game. A fun way to learn how smart contracts and Ethereum work.


    4. Speedrun Ethereum

    Speedrun teaches you how to build on Ethereum through example courses. You learn all the in’s and out’s as well as the gotcha’s. The course is fun and entertaining too! Created by the brilliant human being, Austin Griffith. Creator of other very generous things like ETH-build and Scaffold-eth.


    5. Smart Contract Best Practices

    When you’re dealing with money, your smart contracts need to be as secure as you can make them. So before launch day, check out the Smart Contract Best Practices on the Consensys Github first.


    Have a suggestion? Send me a PM @JBM and if it’s good, I’ll include it!

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