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    June 28, 2022 at 5:41 pm
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    Fury here.

    Hey! Thanks for taking time to check it out!

    First thing I noticed after logging in is that there was too much 
    information and I didn’t know where to go and where to start. For 
    example, what is the difference between forums and groups? At least some
    info under them would be nice to have. Tooltips are not intuitive, 
    neither in their design (I didn’t know I had to hover to get more info) 
    nor in their description (I understand they’re just placeholders?). 
    Also, this looked like a dashboard to me, but there were both “last 
    community activity” and links for groups and forums. I would delete the 
    big buttons for groups and forums and just leave them at the top in the 
    navigation. There, it’s more intuitive to hover over to see more info.

    Admittedly the dashboard on login is a work in progress. It’s pretty but not very functional ATM. The Groups and Forums are just links to the main groups and forums listings. It does need work and that is great feedback on that front.

    And yet after clicking on both groups and forums, I still don’t see the difference. There’s a group for digital artists, a group for web3 devs and then… a forum for web3 devs? Why? What’s the difference?

    I suppose some explanation is in order regarding the groups/forums. Groups are more like a Facebook group, however you can create private ones or even hidden ones. Forums are the traditional old text forums everyone is used to. The software does allow for me to basically “mirror” them so that when a group is created a corresponding forum is created and the content is the same in just a different format. I didn’t like that option however.

    Quite honestly the public groups I have shown there will probably go away and I’ll just use forums as that seems to be the most requested format I have seen (17 comments I’ve noticed just in the daily). I did want to provide some groups as examples though, so that’s mostly the reasoning there. Of course users will be able to create their own groups even if I delete the ones I made. Inside groups are some great collaboration tools for projects as well.

    I love the blog & knowledge base. The blog is how lenster should have looked… or any of the apps on lens, to be honest. I’d definitely use it if there were many people using this site. Speaking of which… I think the website in itself is good, but it’s largest hurdle is going to be getting people to use it. I think there needs to be a really compelling reason for anyone to use it over anything, because websites have a hard time getting a share of the pie when there’s “everything in one place” with websites like reddit, twitter, discord, etc. This is the reason web3 apps incite interest with tokens and reputation farming. Doubt there’s other ways of getting eyes on this.

    Thank you, I spent some time on the blog section. For EVM’s you can actually create a post from your profile page on the EVM Blog tab. I understand what you’re staying about a compelling reason. I believe that a lot of people still like to communicate in a forum format with the ability to create private groups as well. While I’m a fan of distribution I see the community is scattered across many platforms, and I think that’s great but I also believe there needs to be a place to collate or aggregate that information to share with each other and the world in a simple, familiar, searchable format. To start I am going to make the more compelling features like group/forum/blog post creation open to EVM’s only until I can get a firmer grasp on management/permissioning.

    Additionally, it would be hard to make anyone put hours into writing anything in forums/blogs on this website, as for anyone who knows your antics it would seem a risky affair. What if one day you just decide to nuke it like you nuked wiki & your reddit account? I think this might also be a reason why EVMs are hesitant to check out your website and give feedback, because it might not turn into anything in the end…

    I get this, I really do. I don’t really expect anyone to trust me. I’ve gone to great lengths to make this as anonymous as possible, complete with web3 login, optional profile fields, etc… fortunately my antics only exist within this community and believe it or not I am quite respected in the other ones I frequent. I also have a pretty good tract record for building successful websites. I have invested a not so insignificant amount of money into this as well so EVM’s or not I will continue with it. If the EVM’s aren’t interested in it, no worries, I’ll pivot. I did put it together with them in mind though so I think they should give it, and me a chance.

    On a lighter note, I don’t know if it’s planned, but there should be a better landing page since even after opening the website and logging in I still had a hard time figuring what it is and what it’s for. Is there a one-sentence pitch/mission that separates this website from all the others? If so, make it clear on the landing page

    Currently the website is set to private so it requires a login to access. Eventually when I open it to the public I will have a much nicer landing page.

    I also went to check out the extended navigation and there’s photos, videos, documents? What is this, are you trying to make a new facebook, a jack of all trades? Is this social media or a website for work/work groups? Because if it’s the former, then it’s too much stuff (why do I need a blog with a documents list?), and if it’s the latter then there should be more focus on it, such that if I were to do EVM-related stuff, I would find no purpose in having forums and blogs if all I am doing is coordinating projects with others. At the very least, there should be 2 accounts or a simple switch between them, like on linkedin — whether you’re a job seeker or a recruiter. Same here, whether you’re here for the forums or do to work coordination, your view shouldn’t be riddled with stuff you don’t need.

    Groups have a lot of options as well as your own profile. True, groups and profiles look a lot like Facebook’s. That’s just part of the plugin I’m using, it was chosen because its a recognizable familiar format. Groups can be for whatever you want really. If you want to create a private/hidden group for your web3 project with project management tools, file, image and video storage you can. If you want to create a public group to talk about Advanced Theoretical Economics, you can do that too. Everything shown here is just an example really.

    That’s my honest feedback from spending 20 min on the website, hope it helps <3
    P.S. I don’t know if it’s just me but page loading times are about 1s
    P.P.S. I love that my comment didn’t disappear after I accidentally closed it, I hate when sites lose it (looking at you, reddit)

    Thank you, thank you thank you! ❤️ This helps a lot! Yeah load times stink right now, I still haven’t optimized anything yet. This is also on a shared CPU VPS, but I will move it when needed. This software has a ton of cool features and plugins! I’ve hired a dev team to work on DAO powered site management! I know I suck! But I’m serious about this! With our without the EVM’s/Redditors! I want someone else to have the keys too for that reason! I just want something like this built so I built it because no one else would! That’s it!