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    June 29, 2022 at 11:08 am
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    > Quite honestly the public groups I have shown there will probably go away and I’ll just use forums as that seems to be the most requested format I have seen (17 comments I’ve noticed just in the daily). I did want to provide some groups as examples though, so that’s mostly the reasoning there. Of course users will be able to create their own groups even if I delete the ones I made. Inside groups are some great collaboration tools for projects as well.

    I agree that groups could be great for collaboration, but they really have to stand out from forums somehow. Maybe they could be invite-only? So when you first log in, you only see forums, but then you talk on the forums (let’s say you’re nixorokish) and somebody notices you for your inputs (gitpoap) and invites to their group for more collaboration/tips/brainstorming/possible job offer/so on. Then it would be making more sense having a job board, though again it would have to be pretty popular to actually work.

    > I understand what you’re staying about a compelling reason. I believe that a lot of people still like to communicate in a forum format with the ability to create private groups as well. While I’m a fan of distribution I see the community is scattered across many platforms, and I think that’s great but I also believe there needs to be a place to collate or aggregate that information to share with each other and the world in a simple, familiar, searchable format. To start I am going to make the more compelling features like group/forum/blog post creation open to EVM’s only until I can get a firmer grasp on management/permissioning.

    Don’t know about that, haha. Maybe it’s me and you who think this way (despite me being young, I was molded by forums since I was 10), but the “younger” folks have other ideas about the “perfect” way to communicate? There’s a reason everything seems to have been centralized lately and forums have largely all died down. And I agree that having a knowledge base and any other things you’d need to have at your fingerstips would be great if they were at the place you’re already using so you don’t have to google it once again (like pinned messages on discord, but they’re abhorrent)

    > I get this, I really do. I don’t really expect anyone to trust me. I’ve gone to great lengths to make this as anonymous as possible, complete with web3 login, optional profile fields, etc… fortunately my antics only exist within this community and believe it or not I am quite respected in the other ones I frequent. I also have a pretty good tract record for building successful websites. I have invested a not so insignificant amount of money into this as well so EVM’s or not I will continue with it. If the EVM’s aren’t interested in it, no worries, I’ll pivot. I did put it together with them in mind though so I think they should give it, and me a chance.

    “good tract record” 😀 yeah I believe you, but I also think that banking on EVMs might not be the best idea right now for the aforementioned reasons. They’re pretty scattered and there’s not that many active members in Discord already, then you’d need people that are twice as active to actually get them to use this website too. And with that you’d get minimal amount of interaction, like a few active people at most, so I think there really needs to be another incentive and not just for EVMs, but for other communities, too

    > Groups have a lot of options as well as your own profile. True, groups and profiles look a lot like Facebook’s. That’s just part of the plugin I’m using, it was chosen because its a recognizable familiar format. Groups can be for whatever you want really. If you want to create a private/hidden group for your web3 project with project management tools, file, image and video storage you can. If you want to create a public group to talk about Advanced Theoretical Economics, you can do that too. Everything shown here is just an example really.

    Okay, then coming back to the idea of separating things, I would have images and videos and stuff only be available in group settings, or only after a person has already been invited to a group, otherwise it looks a bit too much. Or, at least, have a single link called “my attachments”, so there’s less burden on the eyes when trying to find something in the menu

    > I know I suck! But I’m serious about this! With our without the EVM’s/Redditors! I want someone else to have the keys too for that reason! I just want something like this built so I built it because no one else would! That’s it!

    No you don’t suck, this is a great initiative and I really hope it sees the light of day, but if it fails somehow it’s not going to be your fault. Imo there really has to be a big budget and a team of PR people to get such a project off the ground, I doubt epic games would have been as successful if they didn’t throw lots of money on exclusives and PR initially. (or you yourself have to already have an established following elsewhere, like Elon Musk, lol) The hardest part is not to make a well functioning website, it’s to take it off the ground. I have my fair share of failed projects which I poured my heart and soul to but which were only ever seen by family and friends. It sucks but there’s nothing to do 🙁