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  • CachesAdmin

    June 29, 2022 at 1:08 pm
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    I agree that groups could be great for collaboration, but they really have to stand out from forums somehow. Maybe they could be invite-only? So when you first log in, you only see forums, but then you talk on the forums (let’s say you’re nixorokish) and somebody notices you for your inputs (gitpoap) and invites to their group for more collaboration/tips/brainstorming/possible job offer/so on. Then it would be making more sense having a job board, though again it would have to be pretty popular to actually work.

    You just described groups perfectly! Nixorokish could create a private group, or even a hidden group and invite users to their private group. In there they can share files/documents/photos/videos for whatever that group is dedicated to. My groups shown there are just examples really so everyone can get a feel for groups, what’s in them, etc. Projects may also want to have a public group for customers so they can post updates or share things with the public and a private group for their own internal planning. Users can join groups and get status updates on their favorite projects. If they went on vacation for a week there’s no need try and scroll back through Discord chatter to find the important bits.

    Don’t know about that, haha. Maybe it’s me and you who think this way (despite me being young, I was molded by forums since I was 10), but the “younger” folks have other ideas about the “perfect” way to communicate? There’s a reason everything seems to have been centralized lately and forums have largely all died down. And I agree that having a knowledge base and any other things you’d need to have at your fingerstips would be great if they were at the place you’re already using so you don’t have to google it once again (like pinned messages on discord, but they’re abhorrent)

    I agree forums have died down, however I still regularly frequent lots of very popular and active forums. Gamespot, IGN Boards, Stack Overflow, Craigslist forums … they all do 50+ million active users per year. Forums are how most people communicate and share not just words but documents, files, how to’s, links, etc..it’s by no means a replacement for Discord. There is no “realtime” communication here. Maybe if you consider the private messaging feature, but it’s no Discord by any means. Perhaps its a bit of a replacement for Reddit as I believe we need our own home now. Reddit served its purpose but something as simple as a Reddit policy change on crypto or NFT’s could dismantle it and scatter us, overnight. Youtube could ban all crypto channels tomorrow with no appeal process. I believe the community needs its own place that it can control. Or atleast another place we can all meet up at if the shit gets heavy. Forums provide the content that pull in new users. We need new users for a litany of reasons.

    “good tract record”  yeah I believe you, but I also think that banking on EVMs might not be the best idea right now for the aforementioned reasons. They’re pretty scattered and there’s not that many active members in Discord already, then you’d need people that are twice as active to actually get them to use this website too. And with that you’d get minimal amount of interaction, like a few active people at most, so I think there really needs to be another incentive and not just for EVMs, but for other communities, too

    I’m not really the type to flaunt my accolades but I have some, regardless of who I am on Reddit. I do understand it’s difficult for people to separate the person from the character though. I’m not banking on EVM’s. As soon as I got my EVM NFT this idea brewed. Obviously I am madly in love with the EVMavericks, all of them, so I wanted to offer this up to them first. Mostly because I think they NEED something like this if they are to grow and spread their influence, but also because there is a tremendous money making opportunity here and the DAO needs money coming in. Lest we get more scattered in search of food. I want to provide a fertile hunting ground for them. If for some reason they don’t like it, or don’t trust me or whatever, I will totally understand. I will pivot and keep all the money myself. I have much bigger ideas for this site, with or without them. I did want to show this idea to the community though, like really show them, not just talk about it. This is literally v0.01. If even a small portion of the EVM’s see some value here I will continue to build it around their needs and suggestions.

    Okay, then coming back to the idea of separating things, I would have images and videos and stuff only be available in group settings, or only after a person has already been invited to a group, otherwise it looks a bit too much. Or, at least, have a single link called “my attachments”, so there’s less burden on the eyes when trying to find something in the menu

    Yes the profile bar is crowded. I had considered removing the photos option as they can be stored under “documents” but it provides a gallery and ability to sort into albums like “Holdercon 2022 photos” so they can be referenced later, or used in marketing materials, or whatever. I wanted to provide the feature to see if anyone would use it. I can tidy up those profile bars quite easily. I have hidden several already. I can also remove features if most people find them useless or annoying.

    No you don’t suck, this is a great initiative and I really hope it sees the light of day, but if it fails somehow it’s not going to be your fault. Imo there really has to be a big budget and a team of PR people to get such a project off the ground, I doubt epic games would have been as successful if they didn’t throw lots of money on exclusives and PR initially. (or you yourself have to already have an established following elsewhere, like Elon Musk, lol) The hardest part is not to make a well functioning website, it’s to take it off the ground. I have my fair share of failed projects which I poured my heart and soul to but which were only ever seen by family and friends. It sucks but there’s nothing to do

    I appreciate that. I am actually quite a normal human here. I do love drama though, and some people seem to enjoy my theatrics, so JBM on reddit will continue to be JBM. I hope however that doesn’t stop people from giving this a try, because this is genuine from the guy behind JBM. While I did rage quit the wiki project it was at least 25% because I REALLY would rather be making this and I didn’t think anyone was listening. One of my many skill sets is internet marketing and I have become quite effective at marketing with a shoestring budget. I’m well versed in SEO, SEM and social media marketing tactics, and I have a laundry list of great business connections I can tap into as well. I would love for this site to grow slowly and organically through EVM contacts but if not, I will go full JBM business mode on this one because I enjoy it. I have one other community I frequent that may be interested as well, I just have to mint them a NFT. Would be nice if the community helped, but I’m resourceful so I will work it out either way.

    Believe me I understand, there is a graveyard of JBM’s failed projects. As I’ve gotten older, I realize the difference between my successful businesses and my failed ones is how much my heart was in it, how much I wanted to do it. This I want to do because I love fostering community, free speech and ethereum. This is all of those in 1 package. Thank you for all your feedback!