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  • CachesAdmin

    June 29, 2022 at 6:15 pm
    site admin badge Site Admin

    You got it! Think of it as a social network of sorts but Web3/ETH focused. You can keep track of all your favorite projects and people in one spot. Guarded by EVM’s and their legendary reputation for keeping spammers and frauds out. We can have public forums or even groups if we choose to engage the public, give some free lessons, have them laugh at our epic comedy and artistic content for free. On the back end, each EVM could monetize their fans and followers by selling courses, services through the classifieds, if they chose! Caches is just the platform to let EVM’s do what they do best. I think with my points and award system here I can also allow big contributors to earn EVM like privileges here. Look I have so many ways I can allow the community to make money here and educate the public on web3 and be a beacon of light in the crypto world outside of Reddit and Discord. Out here on the real world wide web.