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  • CachesAdmin

    June 29, 2022 at 7:10 pm
    site admin badge Site Admin

    That’s why we need the public! We need new blood’s money, they need to learn about this web3 stuff and how they can profit from it. We do all of this stuff already, its just all over the place and not easy to find and free. I can’t count the number of times I want to go back and find an old reddit post in the daily thread I remembered from 2 months ago. Sometimes it was a link to a download that is now dead. It would be cool to create a group just to store files/links/downloads/meme’s/JT’s video’s, whatever we want. Keep up with just the crypto stuff we want without the endless stream of garbage at twitter. A platform that the damn man doesn’t own! ✊🏻

    I also believe Ethereum is going to touch a lot more parts of peoples lives in the future from identity to voting to money to governmental structure … well you know. So I think the brilliance in the daily needs a podium from which to speak that is fluid, easy to follow, and categorized on a variety of topics from Economics to voting to Game Theory to OpSec. There are literally SOO many like real genius on any scale people in the EVM’s. I want them to be able to talk about whatever it is they’re an expert on and others can learn or talk about it too, because I think in some way Ethereum will touch it all one day. And hey, we can give them a platform that they can sell that content from too so they can eat, maybe we can help them gain some fame or influence in the real world to keep the EVM/ETH ethos grinding through the machine. Anyway, I’m rambling.