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  • JBM

    June 30, 2022 at 7:34 pm
    elpanda ELP evm-badge EVM
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    Ok so here’s my plan laid out for how I believe we can monetize this site and still sleep good at night knowing we’re selling something valuable and helpful. This platform allows for me to integrate these things quickly and fluidly. These are all spitball ideas but they can easily be integrated.

    First idea: the best idea I think

    This platform allows me to integrate a learning module. This module is extremely robust and allows site users to create courses, whether its text or video along with lesson plans, course pre-requisites, etc.. I have a few features listed below, but here’s what’s really cool. It integrates with the social side of things, the forums, the groups, the points and awards system … all of it. So we can reward users with trophies, badges, and achievements when they unlock levels. Now it’s not there yet, but if these awards could be NFT’s or POAP’s or whatever! If they could be shown on their web3 account as badges of “knowledge and trust” or whatever … we just gamified and social networked web3 learning. Check out the attached photo to this reply.

    Now this community has a ton of knowledge and a ton of academics/educators. Creating coursework should be easy! Especially when its about web3/crypto/cute cats/whatever! This plugin allows you to sell your content to an audience that is interested in web3. Maybe the website takes a cut for the bills and the DAO. We’ll work that out later. What I’m saying is, here is 1 opportunity for EVM’s to make some money educating the public. It also builds the EVM’s as a trusted brand in the crypto space … a shining light in the darkness … which is desperately needed! It also increases the value of your EVM because you get exclusive access to sell on this platform. The platform allows for one time purchases, recurring memberships, course by course … so much more! It’s the same plugin used on Foundr if that means anything.

    Imagine that you could do course work made by Loris to really test your knowledge and learn something. What if Logris could post his videos on mining asteroids? I’d pay to learn about that! Where the hell else can I find something like that!? Here, that’s where. What if Kbrot could sell a membership for just $5/mo to 300 people with his “advanced” market analysis? $1500/mo extra doesn’t sound too bad. With 80,000 people in the sub there is a big opportunity. They WANT to learn but the Reddit, Discord, Discourse mixer doesn’t facilitate easy learning for most people.

    Here’s the funnel:

    Free forums and groups. EVM’s/members can interact with people, help them out, etc… those people can then “follow” EVM’s/members they like. When you get followed your “timeline” posts show up in their feed. Whether that’s blog posts, or new courses you just listed, whatever! Those EVM’s can then sell learning materials or whatever to their audiences. Artists, what if you could sell your NFT art directly to people that wanted to buy it to make their own NFT? What if you could sell a course on how to make your own NFT start to finish for their community? What if you could sell a service that helps people do X-Y-Z in the web3 sphere? The site just facilitates it all. It’s all integrated, gamified, social, web 3 centered for that sweet sweet targeted traffic/buyer.

    Think about the opportunities for a minute here please. I think it’s huge.

    Second idea: NFT/crypto marketplace

    This sort of thing is being handled by Opensea and Looksrare already so this is why it’s not my first idea. With a simple shopping cart integration we could sell NFT’s and allow users to sell NFT’s online. Maybe just a p2p market with a flat rate “listing fee” to list an item. There are several possibilities here without getting in the middle of the transaction. We may even be able to sell our own NFT’s that unlock additional privileges or access to the above mentioned learning courses upon purchase. There are a ton of opportunities here too! Just ponder it for a second!

    Will add more later. Let me hear yours!