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  • CachesAdmin

    July 3, 2022 at 12:57 pm
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    First, thanks for taking the time to give me your thoughts, I really appreciate that. ❤️ I have no doubt I have a long road ahead of me.

    I saw your big post on ethfinance in the Daily setting out the features and vision etc and I think you’ve hit on a lot of the key points (which have also been covered in the discussion above here). I’m just going to pull together some of those thoughts into one summary.
    I don’t think there’s any doubt you’ve created something of value here – it’s a cool site with utility that a community can benefit from. But what community? Who are the people who will come here use all the features and enjoy them? As noted in the discussion above, the challenge is drawing users here and building a community – I’ve been in online communities since I was a teenager in the 1990s and dialed in to BBSes, and all the good ones had a thriving core community supplemented by a steady (but not overwhelming) flow of newbies to avoid stagnation.

    Well I believe I outlayed that in the post in the subreddit. Really this site applies to anyone that is into web3 and wants to discuss and collaborate on things that are outside our current scope. There are a lot of people that doesn’t even know what reddit is. They also have to sign up to reddit to involve themselves. Reddit has no ETH “basics” or knowledge guides or really anything. It’s just for discussion. It’s not made for anything other than talking and agreeing or disagreeing. The web is where regular people operate. It’s where they search for stuff. When I search Google for Web3 or ETH stuff it’s just a bunch of crap and misinformation. We need to change that. We need to infiltrate the old web.
    I have run BBS’s in my past as well as set up and operated a few communities on different subjects. I’ve also taken communities that were stagnate and brought them back to life. I’m not an expert but it is something I’ve done before and learned from so I’m not totally new at this either.

    You just need a few dozen active members. If half or even a quarter of the ethfinance Daily regulars, or the regulars in the EVM Discord used this space regularly, that would be plenty.
    But getting to that point won’t be easy – it’s a lot of “build it and work very hard to try and entice people to come, but a lot of the time they just won’t, because network effects are hard to generate” – but of course that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try – it’ll be hard and it may not work but this was still something worth doing.

    Exactly, and so far at least 18 people have signed up! Woohoo! Now if I can make some compelling content my self that drives engagement then hopefully a percent of those will come back to check it out. I don’t think I’m alone on this thought. I mean you know me, I read the daily, daily. I see so many missed opportunities, requests that go unanswered, and lots of “does anyone remember that XXX that was posted a month ago” that people upvote but don’t take the time to find and help because it’s difficult. The daily’s and reddit in general is hard to search. This would be a laser focused site on just what we want with good tools, search capability and easy methods to reference and store things.

    So all you can do is build it out and market it (“market” in a low key way of course – “raise awareness” more like) and generate content to draw people here. I’m thinking here of how Eric Conner and others built the EthHub site during the 2018-19 bear market and just kept it going and slowly growing over time – it won’t be overnight. And it’s still going now as a valuable information source, even though there are many other options now that didn’t exist in 2018.

    Eric did a great job and it’s a textbook example of how to do it. This isn’t my first community either and I have seeded others just by myself as the only member. I’m good at this. I promise. I really want the EVM’s in on this one though because it’s a big idea and they’re smart people. If they don’t I will allocate some of my business budget to this, hire a virtual assistant and advertise. Honestly, it doesn’t have to be this, I’ll scrap it tomorrow if someone has something better.

    But the first thing to think about is the overarching vision and purpose of the site – what do you want its goal to be? Clearly the link to EVMs and the ManeNet DAO is the way to go. The ManeNet DAO is solely on Discord (and ethfinance to some extent, but not really – more like there’s an overlap in users and values but it doesn’t really operate on Reddit) and could really use a website and base of operations – like our version of boredapeyachtclub.com (lol) – complete with special privileges for EVMs.

    Overlap is normal. Consider this a different format. My vision is for the DAO and all the 80,000 people that frequent the sub to have a hub for all the information they spread across all their channels. Twitter, Reddit, Discord, and all of those are great, but we don’t own it. We can’t control it. We can only expand it within their walls as well. It can only grow and change as much as the platform allows. We have limited data on user interactions so it’s difficult to gauge people’s contributions. There’s no way to reward them for those contributions because recording them isn’t part of the design of those platforms. Not to mention at any point someone could, if they chose, silence us on those platforms. We need a good old fashioned website to be the hub that everything spokes off of. This is in no way intended to replace Reddit or Discord. Just make it easier for people to collaborate, share, converse and organize information to disseminate on all the channels. That’s the back end. On the front end we have a totally normal website, in a totally regular forum and group format that 95% of the world can access and understand.

    It’s a small DAO and we’re in a bear market now plus most of the chat is on Discord but it’s a good place to start by making this the official home of the ManeNet DAO on the web and building up slowly from there. IMHO a clear identity and purpose like that, gives the site a focus that is more valuable than trying to be “all things to all people”. Plus there’s a lot of overlap in values etc.

    Value overlap is normal I think. Discord is valuable, no doubt, it’s grown on me quite a bit, but it’s just missing something that I think we need. First, most of it is private. Second most people over 30 probably don’t know what discord is. Everyone knows what a website is. Last it’s ever scrolling nature makes it difficult to keep up with if you leave for a few days. I think Discord should still be used for planning and collaborating and everything it does now for us. It’s great. But when you’re ready to interact with the public, and show the world what you’ve been working on…. You need a community that’s bigger than the 1324 EVM’s. When you need the public’s opinion or help or input, Discord and Reddit won’t cut it. I have had a lot of people message me saying they want to help, but they aren’t EVM’s. They want to be, they want to contribute, we just don’t let them. I think this is a way to expand that. We also need to start branding ourselves, selling ourselves, pushing our mission out there. Outside our sphere. We need to go public with this thing.

    Anyway if that’s the kind of thing you want to do, then it’s probably a good idea to talk about it a lot on Discord and get a feel for what the other EVMs think (you might have done this already – I’ve been too busy to look at the EVM Discord for a couple of weeks now), and then actually agree some terms and move ahead with a ManeNet DAO proposal and vote to formalize it, which will probably include rebranding the site and design etc. Assuming the EVMs in Discord want to do this – but hey, who wouldn’t want a free website donated to the DAO? Of course, if you do want to donate the site to the ManeNet DAO, you’ll probably need to hand over control of it to the DAO, like etheraider did with the EVM NFTs. This isn’t a bad thing – it means you’ll no longer be solely responsible and the site won’t live or die solely by your efforts. And there’s no need for it to happen overnight – you could easily stay as one of the admins/lead admin and slowly phase yourself out over time
    What do you think? Where do you want this site to go?

    I will turn it over if I can be sure it’ll be used for what I want, with a fair power distribution. I have no problem with that honestly. In the meantime I have had a few people that aren’t EVMs that have told me they want to get involved in this ecosystem in some way, and the EVM thing is too “clubby” or “too expensive” for them, and they think this is a fantastic idea and initiative. So EVM’s or not, just based on private messages on all the different platforms, I’m going to pursue this because a lot of people are telling me they can see value in this and that they prefer this method of communication over all the other channels. If I have to, I’ll mint a Caches NFT for my staff and use that instead of the EVM contract. I really, really, really want EVM’s here though so I will continue to campaign for that until it’s blatantly obvious none of them are interested. At that point, I pivot, and I’ll stop trying to sell it to the EVM’s and do my own thing with it. Maybe I will take in the cubs the EVM didn’t include and rebrand, so no one will pre-judge it because I made it and not someone else in the community. I will totally understand if the DAO and EVM’s don’t see any value or future here. No hard feelings. I just think this is a great idea and opportunity so I wanted to offer it to my friends first. I appreciate the input and you did give me some more food for thought. Thanks homie. 👊🏻