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  • deleted_user

    July 3, 2022 at 4:19 pm
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    Good luck with it man – I think it has great potential if you can get it off the ground and build some traction and I for one certainly prefer the forum/BBS style of discussion to any kind of Telegram/Discord/whatever.

    I also see your point about wanting to serve a wider Web3 community and not limit it to EVMs – my point is only that there is a trade off between a narrow focus on an existing community (where the value proposition is clear like “A Home For the ManeNet DAO”) and a more diffuse focus on a wider Web3 where it is open to more people but it is harder to explain a unique value proposition. Perhaps you can thread that needle and find a good balance between those two things – like with the extra privileges for EVMs etc.

    I’ll keep it on my list to pop in and take a look regularly especially if there’s enough new content and discussion (and keep updating everyone in ethfinance and the EVM Discord as well – I know plenty of people including me will be interested).