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  • CachesAdmin

    July 4, 2022 at 5:16 pm
    site admin badge Site Admin

    Well I had hoped it could be a public facing site for the EVM’s to educate the public on Web3/ETH. Obviously I can’t write all the blog posts and talk to myself in the forums here and so on. I also understand if some EVM’s don’t see value in that since educating noobs may not be on their agenda. I haven’t even plugged in the learning stuff yet. I have barely talked about how to monetize it for everyone.

    I just think we always complain about all the misinformation, and out of date “facts” and everything else that is publicized. This could be a way to counter that with actual intelligent conversation. I see so many great posts in the daily that could easily be blog posts that would reach such a wider audience than Reddit. Anyway…I really do appreciate your feedback and I do hope you come back at some point again, because I’m going to keep plugging away and taking help where I can get it. I appreciate your feedback though, I am taking it to heart.