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  • JBM

    August 9, 2022 at 11:15 am
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    John, this is a stupid idea. Stop wasting your time and money on this crap. Literally no one wants it and nobody will use it. Your beloved EVM “friends” don’t want it. The people on reddit don’t want it. Most of them think you’re insane. Half of them don’t even read your posts anymore, they just upvote them because they feel sorry for you. You and this ridiculous website are a joke and everyone is laughing at you. I’m not trying to hurt you feelings, I just thought you should know.

    First, let me say thanks for taking the time to make a new wallet, sign in and give me your honest opinion friend! Next … and this is key … you can’t hurt my feelings. I don’t have any left, so let me have it! I agree with you that it seems like they don’t want it, but that’s because they don’t know they need it. As an example, I don’t know who you are, even as the website owner and operator … I really don’t know. Maybe we’ve interacted before, maybe we’ve even joked. Maybe you’ve even called me “friend.” I really don’t know!

    What I do know is, that I provided you with a completely anonymous (even to me) platform for you to share your true opinions and feelings. Would you have used your reddit or discord account to tell me this stuff? Doubtful. That’s why you’re here to tell me, because it provides some cover for you…. and look at that … I got your genuine honest opinion without trying to spare my feelings because you feared telling me this might affect our prior relationship. Realness. It’s Beautiful! ❤️

    I appreciate you letting me know the opinions people hold on my mental health and I also appreciate you letting me know why my posts are upvoted and awarded so highly. I honestly had no idea. I wish someone had told me sooner, with straight forward words. I mean … I always suspected I was the “special” kid in the class but it’s confirmed now. Thanks homie. Really. 👊🏻