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  • JBMaclemore.eth

    August 12, 2022 at 9:10 am
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    Hi Chris! Thanks for the questions homie! πŸ‘ŠπŸ»

    In human years, how old are you?

    Approximately 42 human years old, however my body feels like it’s 142 and my mind feels like it’s 14.

    Have you ever or do you regularly take mind altering substances?

    Yes…. I mean … what’s the statute of limitations again? Right, so like the last time was 7 years and 2 days ago. I thought I made this apparent though. πŸ˜€

    Was there a specific event that led to the creation of caches?

    I suppose this is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Years ago I noticed the Bitcoin Forums implode and move to Reddit. While I do love me some reddit, I didn’t think it was as good of a format for learning, sharing ideas, etc… as forums were. Especially something like an ever scrolling daily thread. I mean I love the daily, but I don’t think it helps with learning or accessing things you read or shared years ago. I would always go to Google, have to use some advanced GoogleFu to find what I needed. Sometimes I couldn’t find it.

    I didn’t do it before because the Bitcoin community seemed toxic, unwilling to embrace change or new ideas, and divided. I’ve learned that unifying a split community is almost impossible. I saw, in the Ethereum ecosystem, a bit of unity from early on but I didn’t think it was really ready or large enough to need it’s own site. I think that’s changed now.

    I also believe the ETHFi/EVMavericks community is too important to the Ethereum ecosystem as a whole. It shouldn’t be trusted to Reddit or any other 3rd party platform any longer. We have a lot of great members, but I don’t think any of them would have took up the fight or would continue the fight without this community and it’s constant, daily, overwhelming, undying support. I actually made a shitpost about it several years ago … something about providing trained Navy Seal guards and Armored vehicles for the mods. So this has been on my mind for a LONG time. I suppose what made me actually do it is the wiki. I was working on that and … well I’d just rather be working on this because it’s something I believe we need more than a wiki and I have the ability and courage to do it. So I’m doing it.

    Great questions! Thank you!