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  • chris

    August 18, 2022 at 10:12 pm
    strata level 2 icon L2: Probably A Person

    Ok, cool! Thanks for the detailed response JBM, You rock!!

    Those mini PC/routers are suuuper nice, I have a couple old computers kicking around so I think I’m gonna poke around with pfsense on one of those first. I am not a solo staker right now (hopefully one day) so it’s not that urgent.

    If I go the dedicated hardware route, could I have my validator and a home server for my small business website both behind the pfsense firewall but still isolated enough from each other that I could play around on my server fiddling with websites without worrying about endagering the validator? Currently my site is on a DO droplet I managed to set up a few years ago, if I’m getting more into home network gear I would like to save on the monthly server costs.