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  • captain

    August 28, 2022 at 3:45 pm
    strata level 2 icon L2: Probably A Person

    A few questions to you.

    1. Why does it say “Reply to: gumpa” when I click “reply” on your post?

    2. How’s it going with caches?

    3. I have a lot of pet peeves with UX and if the Internet was older I’d have said that I was a UX designer in my previous life. Would you let me fix things that are unclear? (e.g. in the privacy section in settings it is sometimes very ambiguous, it would be especially hard to understand for complete newbs)

    4. Can you really see my wallet right now & do I have to create a new account for you to not be able to see it?

    5. How many people have cached in on that comment about you being a bot? Has it really stuck?