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  • JBM

    August 30, 2022 at 10:40 am
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    On the other hand, I do believe in JBM and his vision for this, and I think it can work.

    Well I am going to ignore the boomer comments and say thank you! πŸ˜† I appreciate your trust and confidence! I will do my absolute best, I can promise everyone that! Look … forums feel old, I get that, but forums are still the most popular way communities and groups share ideas online to this day. I know I’m old too but I spend a lot of time on forums with my car friends, my gamer friends, my hacker friends, my philosophy friends … I even stumble on forum posts from 10 years ago that help me solve problems sometimes. It’s an old format, but it works, and it’s not owned by a megacorp that doesn’t care about us or our interests.

    I could have gone with a straight forum and it would have probably been more feature filled than the current version, but I think the social/profile aspect of it is important too because it gives everyone a place to feature themselves if they choose. A little FB, a little Twitter, a little forums, a little encrypted chat, a little file storage, a little public/private niche specific groups… with all the anonymity and love you won’t get on any other website or platform. At caches, you aren’t the product… you’re a homie.