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  • JBMaclemore.eth

    August 31, 2022 at 2:42 pm
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    hmmmm I don’t know, I actually love reddit, and the only reason I’d want the social aspect is to be able to build some kind of social persona to leverage it in the future somehow. but then the whole website would be filled with people like me, and then it would just turn into twitter lol. I hate that place

    I too love me some Reddit. I feel like its difficult to find old content or material though. Forums make it easy to search that stuff. When I search reddit it’s so difficult to filter down to exactly what I’m looking for. I just end up going to Google to find what I need on Reddit. Sometimes I still can’t find it. I also worry that the bulk of our community communicates and engages with the public through a privately owned platform shared with millions of other communities and we have no idea who has the admin power there. We have no control over our home. That’s scary to me, because honestly I do have a lot love for all these people, and they’re smart, and the world needs to hear what they have to say … without fear of a platform deleting their voice and without fear that their identities will be exposed and their lives ruined because what they have to say may sound crazy or unpopular.

    Sure, build out a profile and promote it if you want. It’s an option, and I hope millions of people do, but it’s not the whole site. There are forums for community discussion/sharing and referencing ideas which create a more tight nit community feel than Twitter or FB. You can also create your own secret groups for your web3/eth projects, private ones for just the people you want to let in, or public ones like “ETH Heads Miami, FL” for localized or regional groups that want to meet in RL. The sky is the limit there. Then if I can get some EVMs on board maybe we can sell learning materials, courses and more to make a little coin and educate the public on this new tech. On the surface crypto’s are scary but once people understand it they go Ahah! 💡 All of this under our own roof so we can shape our message and vision for the Ethereum ecosystem and truly, really reward people for ALL their contributions no matter how small. Small contributions add up to big ones over time but often they go unnoticed. Not here though damnit! We’re different at Caches!

    From a user perspective the account creation is friction-less, it’s anonymous top to bottom, and encrypted top to bottom, so no worries about a hack doxing you or some admin following you around and spying on you. You can have a public account and a private account if you want. You can disable comments on any of your own activity posts and blog posts. Imagine if Vitalik could just make a statement without a million fake Vitalik accounts in the comments trying to scam people? The community also has the power to moderate just about everything on site, so everyone can contribute to the beauty and safety of their neighborhood. What if you could report scam posts, files, videos, even people and if enough other people report them too they’ll automatically be suspended and flagged for admin review?

    With time, or some more help, I hope to reward all those contributions as well, both emotionally and financially through my points system. See … all of you have been earning “duquets” for doing things, but there’s another secret point called “contribs” underneath that you can’t see. 👀 That way I can track a users contributions over time based on actions, without ever knowing who they are or anything. Doesn’t matter anyway, it’ll all pay the same! This will take some serious thought and planning on my part though to avoid people gaming it.

    I also want to build a home for EVMs out here on the ol’ WWW to interface with the public, share our ideas and bring more people into the fold. That’s really the ultimate goal here, push web3/ETH tech forward and bring the EVM & DAO’s mission to the world and see if we can get more cubs in the pride. When someone searches questions about web3 or a lie they heard from /r/Bitcoin, I want the EVM in those listings telling the truth. When people search I want as many of them as I can to find US first. I want the EVMs to be a recognized authority in this space so that being an EVM maybe opens some doors for them out there in the real world too.

    Thanks for the questions @captain