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  • automaton

    October 15, 2022 at 5:09 pm
    strata level 3 icon L3: A Person

    @JBM I’m a big fan! I really appreciate you John! You have helped me learn so many new things and made me think about things in new ways with your craziness. So thanks for being you. I heard your podcast episode and I have so many questions that didn’t get answered. I will put my top 3 here.

    1. I know you call your posts on reddit “shit posts” but I always find a lot of really good information hidden in them. Sometimes you will say something and I laugh and think that it’s absurd, or why did he say that? Then I start looking more into it and I find out you were right or I learn something completely new that I didn’t know about! How do you do that? How do you make so many and so fast?

    2. In your posts and raps you write about your amazing experiences. Are all of those true? For example, the story about the man in Hawaii that accidentally ran over the chicken. Did you really drive to the Rocky Mountains and make Caches in a week while you were there? You also said you have traveled a lot, is that true?

    3. Was that really the end of your merge rap or did you end it early because you were being downvoted?

    Thanks, homie. 🙂