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  • wolfparking

    March 17, 2023 at 4:09 pm
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    March 19, 2023

    Tonight’s goal/task: Mint a StarknetID. Link: https://goerli.app.starknet.id/identities

    Cost: Free!

    Difficulty: Easier than most

    Reward Potential: Enormous but low probability of airdrop happening from just this.

    Revisit? You can mint 3 IDs here for free. After that, no need to revisit this task. However, it’s a good idea to use dapps, etc in the Starknet environment.

    1. Download a Starknet wallet (Argent for PC, Braavos for mobile)

    2. Create an acct and save your seed phrase.

    3. Use the Goerli testnet (not Mainnet)

    4. Use the faucet to get some free Eth Goerli tokens in order to play around (you may need to use it several times to get enough Goerli Eth). If faucet is busy wait a min or two and try again. Wait for it to confirm (up to a few min). On mobile app it will prompt you. On PC go directly to this site, enter your address and follow the prompts: https://faucet.goerli.starknet.io/

    5. On App go to main page. Click banner at top that says setup account. Wait a few minutes. (On PC: https://goerli.app.starknet.id/identities)

    6. Click on NFT. Scroll down to StarknetID. Connect wallet. Click on giant + symbol. Sign and agree to pay “fees” (using the free testnet Eth). Wait for confirmation!

    Bonus task: Mint a Starknet Domain and Link Social Media (vid 5:55): https://goerli.app.starknet.id/

    Cost: 0.009 Eth + fees (real $ this time).

    Difficulty: Maximum (not for beginners)

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