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  • wolfparking

    March 24, 2023 at 11:31 pm
    strata level 2 icon L2: Probably A Person

    Guide 4 of 4 Time Sensitive! Do this ASAP!

    March 24, 2023

    Zksync Update 4/6

    3/24 Here is a “not terrible” video of some tasks, if seeing it is more helpful.

    3/31 Use this twitter guide by ardizor has additional tasks (bridges, swaps, create NFT, smart contract)

    3/31 Here’s Tricky_Trolls guide: “Zksync is planning on an airdrop very soon! Possibly the biggest drop of this year!

    [Hopefully, you’ve used the] ZigZag exchange or ZKSync’s NFT minting app. [Do this now, ASAP. Use this NFT guide on Twitter]

    Firstly, bridge some funds over to ZKSync Eras. You can already use many bridges like orbiter.finance which is also still on the potential airdrop list so that’s an opportunity to kill two airdrop birds with one transaction. Alternatively, if you just want the ZKSync airdrop, using their official bridge might be helpful.


    Once you’ve bridged over some funds, use these DeFi apps: spacefi.io and syncswap.xyz. (Warning!! Withdrawal function temp broken! Wait on adding liquidity)

    Spacefi.io currently only has ETH, WETH and USDC. So I bridged some USDC from mainnet using the official bridge and then started LPing the ETH-USDC pool. You can also farm SPACE but I haven’t looked into the details of that yet as I am not a DeFi degen. Maybe one of you folks could a deep dive for me.”

    Also use: https://mute.io

    4/2 Useful task?: You can claim a zksync domain name. Using 6 letter words is the cheapest.

    Also, mint an NFT in zksync lite wallet (see video at top)

    Connect your zksync account to Gitcoin Passport here: https://passport.gitcoin.co/ (connect whatever accounts you’re comfortable sharing) Added 4/6

    Level of Difficulty: Not for beginners, but its a good way to learn a little about decentralized finance (defi)

    Reward: Enormous.

    Revisit? Yes. Bigger amounts usually qualify you fo bigger airdrops. Consider moving funds around a couple of times a month during low gwei to reduce fees on Eth if needed (Sat or Sunday). Bridge a decent amount through the official bridge.

    -Use dApps at least once every 15 days. Don’t just do a bunch of transactions in a short period of time and then let it be. Do a decent amount of transactions during a long period of time.

    -Maximize airdrop potential: Do decent amounts for each of those transactions. A few dollars won’t cut it. Aim for 1k a month minimum in aggregated value between all the transactions you do.

    -Provide liquidity

    -Start soon. Early users tend to be rewarded

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