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  • JBMaclemore.eth

    May 16, 2023 at 12:51 pm
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    Alright, here’s some more evidence to back up some of my claims that may make me seem crazy. As you know, I was hacked. Here’s what I believe happened, although I could be missing pieces or have them in the wrong order.

    About one year ago I was hacked. Maybe you remember? The hackers got access to everything, including all my online accounts and session keys. I went through the process of changing all my passwords, revoked session keys where I could find them, and then I tossed out all my equipment and purchased new stuff. Or so I thought. I don’t believe I revoked all the session keys however, primarily my Amazon account. I ordered all new TP-Link brand (TRASH!) networking hardware through Amazon. This gave my attackers the exact make and model of my new gear. Knowing which websites I visit regularly and what I was interested in, they were able to place a link in a story that they knew I would click. Using browser fingerprinting, they used a script on that website to run through a database of known & unknown browser exploits to find a vulnerability in my web browser and install browser malware on my Mac.

    Since this malware was ONLY delivered to my browser, it went undetected. From there, knowing exactly what make and model of WiFi access point I used, they had an unknown exploit ready to launch using their browser malware, and used it to get access to my WiFi access point. They setup a hidden network (photo below) to send out thousands of “Beacons” a second to flood my wifi in order to DoS attack it, causing it to randomly disconnect or hang up. Each time I disconnected and reconnected, they captured the packets so they could eventually crack my WiFi password. This took a long time, at least a year for them to grab enough packets to crack the password, but they did it without me ever knowing what was going on. It just seemed like the WiFi was flaky, and after I disconnected and reconnected it worked… until the next morning. My wife and I did this every morning for a year.

    Once the WPA2 password was cracked, they started a Man In The Middle attack and started modifying my search results, and the actual news stories I saw on my favorite websites. If they didn’t have a “fake” version of the site to display to me, because I had never visited it before, they would put up an unclosable popup or paywall to prevent me from viewing it. From there, they were able to use the microprocessor in my Access point to hack my Macbook, iMac and iPhone using, what I believe to be, an undisclosed vulnerability present in the baseband firmware of all of them. Why? Because they all use the same EFI processor, the T2 “secure enclave” chip to handle everything.

    Once they gained access to the T2 chip in my Macbook, which is equivalent to an iPhone A11 processor in power, they launched an attack against the rest of my devices. This took them very little time (minutes), after which they used the combined processing and radio power of all my iDevices to launch an attack against my neighbors routers, access points, hotspots, vehicles, iDevices and counterfeit or hacked Airtags. Now they’re all infected with malware and they’re all outputting hidden networks and fake access points, just like mine was.

    Using this “mesh network malware” they were able to use the combined processing power and the radios in everyone’s AP/Routers/Cars/Ring Doorbells to hack the LTE cell phone encryption to listen in on my phone calls, intercept my text messages, and follow me around. I also believe they used flaws in the cell phone networking equipment at the cell tower that sits about 500, as the crow flies, yards behind my house in order to locate me again after I changed both my cell phone number, and even cell phone provider. As well as using it to launch remote attacks against my new phone.

    Before I became aware of the hack, I plugged my phone into my car to use Apple Carplay. Since my phone was infected, they used that to hack the “Connected Car/Satellite Radio” features present in just about all new vehicles to listen into my car using the microphone, and track it using the built in GPS. I also suspect that they placed a camera in the rafters of the RV storage facility behind my home that views directly into my fenced back yard. A few days before I became aware of the hack I saw a man standing on top of his RV installing something into the rafters, but I didn’t think anything of it, but now that I think about, and look again, I can see a cable dangling from the rafters that leads down into the RV itself.

    This story has many more other oddities which I won’t get into now, but just know, everything can be hacked. Everything. These people are trying to dismantle my life and get information they can use to steal from me, or blackmail/coerce me into doing their bidding. If you have any secrets, they will find them and use them against you. Even if you don’t, they’ll use you, without you ever knowing to get to one of your friends, or your boss, or … brick by brick.