Terms of Service

Caches is owned by Nueral Cadence, LLC. The terms are pretty simple here at Caches. Legally speaking, anything you submit, post, upload or share here becomes property of Caches and it’s parent company. Now look, we don’t like that either. Why should it be that way just because you want to share it? Well it shouldn’t! So the law be damned! You’re in control here! Caches doesn’t want any of your stuff! If someone comes in here and is like Hey! Take their stuff, we’ll give you a lot of money for it! You can guarantee we will say fat chance mister! Now with all that said, if it was like A LOT A LOT A LOT of money, we would have quite a predicament on our hands. We may even break that little promise up there. It’s not cheap to buy off Caches, but you know what they say … everyone has a price. Are you understanding what I’m saying? Great.

I also need to mention, that legally speaking, Caches isn’t responsible for anything that happens to you as a result of visiting, contributing, reading, interacting or loving Caches. Did you fall in love with a bot that stole all of your Ethereum and now you have a very serious drinking problem? We sympathize, but you did that, not us. If by coincidence your computer explodes the very second Caches pops up, not our problem. We couldn’t do that even if we wanted. So it’s buyer(user) beware around here, we can’t save you. Do you understand what I’m saying? Great.

Finally, legally speaking, Caches isn’t responsible for anything you do here either. We mean, if you figured out how to blow someones computer up using our website, then you know … please don’t use it. More importantly though is that if you decide to use it, we can’t be held responsible for that. That includes all sorts of things like the posts you make and the words you use and the things you do on Caches. If anyone has a bad time because of your good time, that’s totally on you.

With all that said, if we find out you’re doing crap like that we’ll give you the boot so fast it’ll make your head spin! If it comes to it, we’ll even cooperate with law enforcement agencies if they can provide a warrant. We also have a bit of a mob justice system going on here so I’m like … not the only one who can give you the boot. Spooky huh? Could be anyone. Could be everyone! So I guess what we’re trying to say is, have fun, but behave like you weren’t raised by wild animals. You understand what I’m saying?

Stay safe out there,

Team Caches